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#thinspo on We Heart It.


#thinspo on We Heart It.

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second week at gym

So yesterday I started my second week at gym. I alread learn the rutine and yesterday I did add eleptic. Wich is great, the best invention since sliced bread XD.

In the past 2 weeks i gain 2 pounds D: and lose 1 pound D: , so I’m back to diet a little bit and with all my heart in gym ♥

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frist day at gym

So, i finaly went to the gym today. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

I did….. idont know any more, a lot of things. The trainer gave me a full rutine starting with 10 min of cycling and it end with 10 min of runing. In between  a lot of thing for leg and arms.

I’m super exited about it!!!!! I just hope to manage to go 4 o 5 time per week.

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My running shoes

So I just bought my running shoes, I just love it ♥.And today I’m going to the gym  YAY.

I super exited. I will let you know how that went :*

The picture is just lovely ♥ love her legs

The picture is just lovely ♥ love her legs

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like this, I want to look like this

like this, I want to look like this

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It’s been a long time!!!!!!!!!!!! Still have a few followers, thank you guys

In this almoust 4 month i finnish my makeup lessons and buy a lot of makeup things. Last saturday I did my frist makeup for a photo secion. Very exited about that!!!!!!!!!!!

So as I promise myself, after buying everithing that I need for makeup I’m gonna buy a running shoes. I’m  gonna buy it today or tomorrow and begin gym this week.

Since last time I gain a couple of pounds but in general I managed to stay arround 73kg - 160lb. My gold remain in 65kg - 143lb and I’m gonna be there for the summer (remember I live in the southern Hemisphere)

So if you still there with me, I’m here with you guys. Join me in these new part of my losing weight journey.

I promise at least one post per week.


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